Key Camp Questions

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How are Oppidan Camps different to any other camps?  

An Oppidan Camp is an original concept of summer camp that Oppidan Education has brought to the U.K market. This is a new style of camp, blending subliminal school preparation, a taste of the outdoors, sports, activities and an unbeatable social experience for children aged 8-13. The camp makes education cool and desirable for children and enables them to self-invest in the process of learning. 

Are the Camps officially accredited?   

Yes - we have been inspected by industry governing bodies including:

  • BAPA (British Activity Provider Association)

  • The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC)

  • Adventuremark is a non-statutory safety scheme devised by Adventure Activity Industry Advisory Committee (AAIAC)

What activities will the children do?

From BBC Journalists to Captains in the Marines, Oppidan Camps provides a platform of external partners for each and every camp. The idea is simple: children learn from and respond well to professionals. In the past we’ve had workshops with progressional artists, comedians, chefs, coding experts, charity workers, sportspeople and military figures. These workshops complement our own weekly itinerary of sports, activities, team games and workshops.

Alongside all the sports you can think of, activities will also include treasure hunts, orienteering, problem-solving challenges, assault courses and fire building.

Are the activities educational?

Only invisibly! Oppidan Camps focuses on academic subjects carried out within an informal and entertaining environment. These include debating workshops, Dragons’ Den business pitching, outdoor science experiments, drama games, public speaking and rocket building, to name a few. It doesn’t matter what your child’s level may be, they will be made to feel at ease throughout.  

Which children come on our camps?

Children on an Oppidan Camp come from far and wide - the majority of the children are at school across the UK and we do so have a number of international families who join us too. We are proud to have children from a variety of backgrounds, schools and countries visit us.

What happens if my child gets homesick on the camp?  

It is unusual for a child to feel unsettled on our camp, but if, after being comforted by one of the camp mentors, they are still homesick or at all worried, a staff member will contact you directly, and we offer for you to speak with child on the camp phone at a convenient time.

Can I visit my child on the camp?  

Of course, you can come and visit your child if you would like but we would politely suggest that you don’t; it’s a great experience for children to be away from their parents, even if only for a few days.  

What does my child need to bring on the camp?  

Please see the packing list provided on registration.

Will there be lots of children there who know each other?  

Some children who book onto an Oppidan Camp will book on with siblings or a few friends; however, children are purposefully split up into different groups regularly during the week to make everyone feel integrated from the moment they arrive and to be given the chance to make new friends.


Logistics, Costs & Discounts

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How long do the camps last?  

Our standard camps last five days and four nights. For dates for 2020 please enquire directly with the office.

How do I book?  

Please see our Book Now tab.

What time does the camp start and finish?  

The bus departs from Holland Park, London at 8.30am and arrives at camp for 10am on the first day. Parents are to drop off their children before 10am on the first day, and collect their children at 4pm on the last day. For those travelling on the bus, they will arrive back at Holland Park, London at approximately 5.30pm.

How much does a place cost? 

Our standard 5-day camp costs £690/child - this includes V.A.T.

What does the price include? 

All of our camps include accommodation, food, workshops and activities.

What does the price not include? 

Return transport from Holland Park, London is at a separate cost of £40 per child. We also sell T-Shirts (£10), Hoodies (£20) and Beanies (£10)

Do you accept childcare vouchers? 

As we provide outdoor education in the form of a camp (instead of childcare,) and because we are not registered through Ofsted, we unfortunately cannot accept Childcare Vouchers. However, we do offer significant discounts and grants for lower-income families.

Do you offer discounts?

We appreciate that many children from state schools (and also from private) may need help paying for a place on the camp and as such have discounts and grants for lower-income families. We also have a sibling discount of 10%.



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Are your camp mentors DBS checked?  

Yes. Every mentor has been certified with an enhanced DBS check.  

Will there be somebody there who is First Aid trained?  

Yes. All our camp leaders are First Aid trained and all our camps are kitted out with First Aid boxes. We have contact details for local doctors and hospitals at hand. 

What qualifications do your camp mentors have?  

All our mentors have experience working with children in a one-on-one and group capacity.

All our camp mentors are safeguard trained through EduCare and have been trained extensively by Oppidan in preparation for their camp work.

Staff that have worked for us previously are reassessed each year to make sure their training is up-to-date and applicable.

All camp leaders are first aid trained, and our chefs have hygiene certificates.

For more specialist activities and workshops, qualifications from national governing bodies have been awarded.

Will there be male & female members of staff on duty?

There will always be at least one member of each sex on duty at each camp.


Sleeping Arrangements

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Will there be a member of staff on duty at night?  

Yes. Two members of staff will be on duty throughout the night and sleep in their own tent close to the children’s tents. 

Where do the children sleep?  

The children sleep in single-sex, canvas bell tents in groups of 6-10.   

Are the tents single-sex?  




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What are the facilities like on camp?

The camps are housed within two walled gardens. One garden is dedicated to sleeping and relaxing; children will sleep in bell tents. We have a large communal sheltered area called ‘The Hub’ which is where the children can come to relax, play Ping-Pong, chess or giant Jenga. There is also a sheltered relaxing area, where children can visit the ‘Art Tent.’

The other walled garden is dedicated to sport which children will use during activities or are welcome to use during their downtime. In this area there is a running track, football field, cricket pitch, and badminton net. 

The Oppidan Camps HQ is run out of Garden House, a 1-minute wall from the Walled Garden. At times, the children will be brought inside to use the rooms for workshops if necessary.

What kind of food is cooked for the children?  

All meals are prepared freshly on site in our working kitchen by two chefs. We hate the idea of commercial style cooking so a lot of attention is given to the quality of the food. Typical meals include shepherd’s pie, chicken fajitas, pesto pasta and lasagne. The children can look forward to a BBQ one of the evenings, along with healthy home-made snacks throughout the course of the day to make sure children have the energy to enjoy their activities. Children will be given the opportunity to take part in cooking workshops or generally help in the kitchen, if they so wish. Of course, children will also have access to clean drinking water whenever they desire.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?  

Absolutely. We are able to provide meals for halal, lactose-free, wheat-free, coeliac, vegetarian and all other diets. Please specify your particular dietary requirement when you sign up.  

What happens if my child has any medical issues that need attending to?  

When you fill out your form, you will be asked to outline any medical issues. All members of staff will be made aware of such issues and can administer whatever is required.  

What are the loos and showers like?

There are separate on-site loos for both boys and girls. Hot single-sex showers are also available on site.

Will there be any animals there?  

There is no organised or direct contact with any animals on an Oppidan Camp. That said, the parkland we use may have the odd bird or a wild deer appear on occasion. 

Have risk assessments of the camps been carried out?

All venues and activities have been risk assessed. We review our risk assessment and health and safety documents before each season of camps, providing staff with a clear incident and emergency management plan. 

Do you have an appropriate insurance policy in place?  

Yes - all major insurance policies are in place.

What happens if my child leaves something behind on a camp? 

The staff members will collect all lost property at the end of the camp and send it back to our office in Holland Park.



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What happens if the weather is bad?

Our camps are set up to cater for all conditions and children will gain just as much from their experience, regardless of the weather. We will, to the best of our ability, update parents in advance of the camp regarding any adverse weather conditions predicted for the week. 

What happens if my child misbehaves?

With regards to discipline, children on any Oppidan Camp are treated as they would be at school. Though issues are few and far between, we have a system of warnings in place. Should bad behaviour persist, we will call the child's parents immediately to explain the situation. As a last resort, Oppidan Camps reserves the right to have any child collected from camp.

What happens if my child falls ill while at camp?

Oppidan's lead mentors are trained in First Aid and we ask that you give us due notice of any relevant allergies or medication when you complete your sign-up forms. When children are taken sick, we are sure to call the parents to discuss their illness or injury. Local doctors and hospitals are at hand if needed and children will be cared for in line with Oppidan's own Health & Safety procedure. 

What happens if I have to cancel for my child? 

Camp bookings are non-refundable.

What happens if Oppidan Education has to cancel the camps?

In exceptional circumstances beyond our control, it may be necessary to cancel an Oppidan Camp. In this instance, your payment will be refunded in full.

In an emergency, how can I contact my child?

In case of an emergency, there is a 24-hour direct line to the camps: 02038870132.