From BBC Journalists to Captains in the Marines, Oppidan Camps calls upon the support of varied external partners to add something special to each and every camp.


Our Workshops

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The idea is simple: children learn from and respond well to professionals. In the past we’ve had workshops with artists, comedians, chefs, coding experts, charity workers, sportspeople and military figures. These workshops complement our own weekly itinerary.

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Rude Health  

Innovative food company Rude Health worked closely with us throughout 2018. ‘Pimp My Porridge’ workshops proved a huge hit with children learning to build a healthy breakfast of champions.


Cypher Coders 

Cypher runs coding camps across London and has collaborated with Oppidan since 2017. Children have the chance to programme their own drones; we’ve lost the odd one in the woods.

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WE Schools 

Challenging young people to identify the local and global issues that spark their passion, Oppidan partners with WE Schools that empowers children with the tools to take action. 


The Royal Marines  

Captains in the Royal Marines come to put the children through their paces, teaching them about teamwork, honesty, hard work and commitment with a series of obstacles and challenges.

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BBC Journalism Courses

Feel what it's like to learn writing courses from the best in the business. You might well leave loving English again!

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Sans Comic

Edinburgh Fringe duo Charlie and Doug will be back in 2019 to put on nights of comedy for the children. 

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Sing West Choir

Sing contemporary, folk and choral music with a group who make singing the coolest club around. They'll go crazy for their Greatest Showman Workshop.

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Guest Speakers

We've had famous sportsmen and sportswomen on our camps in the past. Who'll be next up on the roster?